To Lucy Chase Regarding John (Andrew) Jackson, March 29, 1850

Springfield March 19th 1850

Madam Chase

A colored Gentlemen by the Name of Jackson called on me this morning, with a letter addressed to him by yourself asking information respecting the Name of the Owners of his Wife & Child in the South. He wishes me to inform you that they are in Macon Georgia the Property of one Mr. McMacalain Law. a Surveyar. of Land. he has two Uncles by the Names of Henry Law, Geo Law who have been in Macon a number of Years. The Owner of his Wife & Child. has not been in that place but a short time not more than 3 Years. He has formerly resided South Carolina Sumpter Deastrict kept a Butcher pen. his Father now resides there, his given name Jackson says is [?]iatt Law (probably a nickname). The best way to find them is by this Mr. [?] Wells His Jacksons Wifs Name is Louisa his childs name is Jinny.

Mr McCulvin Law was a Slave by the name of Enoch. Jackson thinks they can be found by him.

Jacson seems to fear they have gon to Florida.

Yours a Friend of th oppressed

H. H. G.

P.S. Mr Jackson wishes all money in your Hands forwarded to his agent in [?], Mr. Martin Stowell (probaly Jan understand this matter)

in haste


Jackson sends you a paper which has some information regarding this matter in it.



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